sTRUMPpets: Performance Video & Stills

A selection of stills from sTRUMPpets: Ship of Fools – Political Puppets at Play performed at the Nugget Fringe Festival in Grass Valley, CA in January 2018. sTRUMPpets was written and directed by John Deaderick. The Puppeteers were John Deaderick, Ken Miele and Lois Masten Ewing. The Puppets were designed and constructed by Peter Suchecki.

  • "I'll rip your heart out you skinny bitch."

  • "Putin on the Ritz."

  • "It's getting WHITER all the time."

  • "Abuse of powers, golden showers, grabbing tits, wants your pussy in his mitts."

  • "We are all mired in Original Sin."

  • "And I'm proving that I am the MAN !!"

  • "i give him my everything and he just looks right through me."

  • "I blame Obama !! And and Killary !!"

  • "Fuck off Husband."

  • "It's The Hair Apparent."

  • "I love the way she glorifies God's creation."

  • "Enter RAZPUTIN."

  • "Generals & Majors"

  • "They're jealous of our really really greatness!"

  • "Shut thy fucking mouth !!"

  • "He was quite a bit older..."

  • "I'm Dekker."

  • "pas de deux"

  • "Deus ex Machina, such a cheap theatrical device."

  • "Oh she's hot she's hot"

  • "Best pay heed to what I sing."

  • "The Anti-Intellectual White Man's Club"