Artist Statements:


PETER SUCHECKI: The consistent thread that runs through my work is an interest in pattern and repetition as observed and experienced in nature and in culture. This interest has led to specific investigations into the poetical relationships between science, mathematics and art. My working process tends to be systematic, often beginning with a hypothesis or conceptual framework. This framework is rarely all inclusive, and many things are worked through problem solving during the building or making phase. And while I work I am fueled by the appearance of an accident or the emergence of a new footnote to follow. This process has naturally lent itself to the iterative artistic mediums that are technology-dependent: photography, textiles, carpentry, printmaking, digital media & ceramics.


LAURI TWITCHELL: My work is informed  by the natural world. Whether it is using text, sound, images, or  objects, from/or about the land,  I try to encourage interaction between humans, animals, and plants.