Out on the LAND

Logs to Lumber
In May of 2022 we took down some dead Ponderosa pines on the land. In one of the biggest (+/-150 years) and most compromised we found incredible colors and patterns of fungus and bark beetle activity that probably aided in its demise. We had it cut down and milled on site into some amazing lumber–enough to build a new kitchen area, plus, plus…

Yurt sited and raised
During the summer of 2017 we chose a site for our yurt on a flattish area at the top of a hill to get a good view of the land, good drainage and also get the feeling we were in the trees. To make the smallest footprint we first put in augured spikes to act as the foundation. Using wood found on site and cedar that we got from the nearby lumber mill, we constructed the platform. Our neighbors helped us erect the pre-made frame and the put on the canvas cover complete with three screened windows and a skylight.