“Inclined to Decline”
12” x 12” x 1.5”
Cotton, ink, collage, birch bark
Using images of different types of landscape collapse I wanted to make the observation in these extraordinary times of the decline of our environment and our culture. From everything including loss of our creatures, soil erosion, humankind strife and corruption in our institutions that all seem to be on the brink of disaster.

“Pandemic Daze”
4” x 2.5” x 2”
Pine bark, cotton, watercolor, ink, collage

Being sequestered inside for 3 months during the pandemic has led me to make a book about testing my sanity. It is made up of a series of Rorschach tests that reference the landscape.

“True Grit”
6” x 6.5” x 1.5”
Wood, cotton, collage

True grit is a story of perseverance. Surveying a situation and then making an attempt for resolution as futile as it sometimes seems.

“Over & Out”
12” x 5” x 2”
Pecan, schist, papyrus, cotton, bamboo, ink, collage

Like hiking through a unfamiliar landscape solutions to problems are sometimes obscured. Often it takes hard work to find a way to a resolution. Misteps could lead to bad outcomes and unusual events often present themselves but an answer usually emerges.

5” x 2” x 2”
Pine, paper, collage

Travelogue Is a book about scale. A found log with bark beetle trails is scaled up to traveling through the countryside then to traversing the Alps . Small tasks can feel really large and this a hand held manual to overcome this.

“How to make a Molehill out of a Mountain”
12” x 6” x 6.5”
Made from redwood, manzanita, stone, cotton, casein, collage, ink

A found rock obviously cut from something larger seems to sit on a wooden book cover partially covered with tree forms.  But below, we see that the rock is much bigger and weighing down a small book.  The book contains some directions on how to conduct oneself when confronted with something overwhelming such as: poverty, sickness, climate change, among a few topics. It is a call to action to do whatever it takes to survive and to do it with energy, grace and humor.

“Hide & Seek”
4” x 5.25”x 3”
Ceramic, cotton, ink, collage, wood

Hide and seek, a kids game played in many cultures is metaphor for how we wander through the world, actively searching for something or sitting back to see how things unfold. Synonyms for “hide” and “seek” are found along a path under stone tracings with maps attached as you travel through the book .

“No Stone Unturned”
10″ x 7.5″ x 6″
Oak, stone, melaleuca paper bark, hemp, collage

The Japanese have developed a garden design method that builds expectations as you are traversing the landscape garden. It is called hide and reveal. As you come around  a corner you can see a partial piece of an intriguing landscape in the distance which makes you want to go further to investigate. No stone unturned  contains an alternating text of synonyms of the antonyms hide and reveal.

“A Plan of Excursion DG”
6″ x 4.5″ x 6″, interior drawing 3” x 80’
Decomposed granite, wood, leather, cotton, ink, graphite, collage

I wanted to make a book about the ground. I found a wooden board with the letters “DG” stenciled on it, which I interpreted as an abbreviation for “decomposed granite,” a material used for path surfacing. I started out making a rubbing of a d.g. gravel path onto cotton paper. Dots appeared on the paper. I connected the dots with short lines and soon it became a drawing of a series of triangles. The drawing reminded me of a method of map making used by surveyors  called triangulation. The original path was only 80 feet long but became vast through drawing and making. Maps are collaged into the drawing. Words for way finding and walking are used through out the mapped path.